Revolution at the DNC

I hate Donald Trump and I don’t like Hillary Clinton. I’m not a fan of Vladimir Putin and I can’t call myself a supporter of Barack Obama. I like Bernie Sanders but he has a lot to learn. I don’t think Clinton should be president and I support the protests against her nomination. I don’t think Bernie supporters should vote Trump. It doesn’t sound that complicated but to many people these days it would not fit in their frame of mind.

Always count on politics being reduced to a binary divide. Perhaps it’s something implemented in our brain, a tenacious vestige of cultural hegemony of the good vs evil narrative. A simplification pounded into our heads since the days of the Council of Constantinople.

And, of course, nowadays maintained by the ruling class of bankers and rich politicians. Because, divide and conquer is still the best way to remain control over the masses. Make the working class believe that they are on the good side. “Stay where you are, labourers. We got this. They are the bad guys: so stay on our side.”
This is the best way to defend politics that don’t benefit the people at all. Always point to the other side where things are even worse. When the working class protests they’re being ridiculous. They don’t get it, don’t understand what’s best for them. That’s what people are made to believe in order to remain the status quo.

Bernie Sanders and the Political Revolution

Hillary Clinton is officially nominated by the Democratic Party to run for president against Donald Trump. It’s very clear by now that she was meant to be the nominee from the very beginning. The candidacy of Bernie Sanders was broadly supported by the people but not by the ruling class. Sanders has been methodically, persistently and systematically ignored, downplayed and kept out of the public eye as much as possible. Months before Clinton actually beat him he was already declared to be a lost cause and anyone who believed in him, made to think they were naive, idealistic and short-sighted.

Sanders didn’t just run a campaign for presidency, he ran a campaign for a socialist worker’s movement in the United States. He called for a political revolution. Sanders didn’t run a campaign for himself, he ran it for the greater good. He awoke something that is bigger than himself and something that transgresses traditional party politics. Exactly for that reason it’s so painfully ironic to see him ultimately bow down to Clinton and have the Democratic Party insist everyone stop acting out and submit themselves to her candidacy.

Do I agree with Bernie supporters who are planning to vote for Donald Trump instead? Or want to stay home and ignore the elections? Of course not. Such is a knee-jerk, impulsive reaction to being sidelined and ignored. But make no mistake, they are being sidelined and ignored so their frustration is real and justified. The arrogance and elitism of the Democrats is exactly what has driving so many people in the mouth of the monster. The lack of a better alternative! The better alternative is Bernie Sanders! Don’t mistake their inclination to vote Trump as a reason not take them serious or as a sign of treason towards the party. This is a group of people that want to break with the traditional Democrats vs. Republican divide. You have the tools to bring in millions of extra votes, not from people that all would vote for a Democratic candidate anyway, but a big and strong and powerful group of people that don’t have anyone to rally behind and with the lack of a proper candidate will scatter and either go to Trump, a third party or stay home. That instrument is Bernie Sanders, that instrument is socialism and it’s gaining terrain faster than you think.

Bernie supporters that don’t want to vote for Clinton are accused of going to ‘split the vote’ – but that’s a fine display of reverse psychology. The ones splitting the vote are the democrat elites. They decided to snub the catalyst of the working class and instead let them fall apart and either not vote or be scooped up by the barbaric fascists of the right wing.

Tear Down the Elite

What they are doing is making everyone believe there is no other choice. The die has been cast, Clinton is going to be the candidate, so unless you want Donald Trump you have to vote for her now. I read an interesting analogy the other day: a person compared the situation to a plane that’s crashing after the crew ended up unconscious. There’s two people on board that could take over: an experienced pilot that has had some flaws in the past, or a loud mouth macho that can’t fly a plane at all but pretends he can. The latter obviously being Donald Trump and the former Hillary Clinton. As an addendum to the metaphor, the person added that another great pilot is currently locked up in the lavatory and can’t come up. This charming situation was supposed to mirror Bernie Sanders’s situation.
This example is supposed to make you realise we have to vote for Clinton. Not because she good, not because she’s going to do much good, but because there is no other choice.
The problem here is that it takes so many things for granted. And that’s exactly the problem in the cultural hegemony of capitalism and the state.

We have to walk the line, we have to abide the rules. We have to do like we are supposed to do it. There was an election and Clinton was nominated so that’s what is going to happen. We stay well within the paved roads and the framework that the elite have created for us. It’s a democracy but it’s a democracy where the rules are made for us. And that’s exactly what has to change. That’s exactly what Sanders was creating during his campaign: revolution. The protesters outside the Democratic Convention, they are not supposed to just be angry and yell and make a scene. They have to BREAK the rules, SMASH and TEAR OPEN the system. The drawn out lines, the confines, the protocols and the rules were put there to keep them down. They were put there to prevent people like Bernie Sanders from being elected and they GOT TO GO.

Now, the Democrats are trying to create unity. To close their lines and rally behind Clinton for the greater good. To do this they happily exploit the traditional good vs. bad divide. The narrative they are trying to create is simple. Clinton, Obama and Sanders are on the same side. On the other side we have Trump and his cronies. Everything that’s not in favour of the Democratic Party is framed as a conspiracy from the right wing. Trump’s flirting with the Russians and the alleged Russian involvement with the recent e-mail leak is roaring like an engine behind that plot. Are you against Vladimir Putin? Well then you have to vote Clinton or you are playing right into his cards!

Seize Control of the DNC

And even more dangerously: the DNC e-mail leak. The information that was leaked by Edward Snowden and his friends, is landing the Democrats is seriously hot water. But the whole event is being hushed and downplayed in the favour of unity. Don’t try to even suggest the information is reason to seriously rethink Clinton’s position or the integrity of the party. No! It’s the Russians, it’s Putin and it’s Trump. And it most likely is. Trump is a coward provocateur, Putin is just another rich capitalist with his own selfish agenda. Surely he would love to see Trump win and tear the US apart. But that does not mean the leak is not to be taken seriously! Just because it doesn’t reveal any illegal activity, it shows a core of deeply rotten and undemocratic tendency. Another reason NOT to nominate Hillary Clinton. But the elite won’t have it: don’t choose the side of the Trumps and the Putins, pick our side! We are good! At least we are better than them. Look at them! They are horrible! (They are).

America deserves better. America can do better. The United States is a nation just as any other. Capitalism is not embedded in their souls. It’s a cultural hegemony, but hegemony’s can be broken, done away with and replaced. They want us to believe it’s already over. We have to vote for Hillary Clinton because there is no alternative. But there is! Now is the time for the working class to stand up. Break the DNC, break the protocols and the rules and the confines that are holding you down. You wanted Bernie Sanders, but you were being held down and ignored and shoved aside in favour of a candidate that had the preference of the party elite. America is ruled by its people and its people have to take control. Topple the party leadership, seize the power and defeat Trump the way he is meant to be defeated: with socialism, the power of the working class and with REVOLUTION.

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