Call of Duty

Review: Call of Duty World War II

“Incomiiiiiiing!” The soldier next to me bellows over the sound of gunfire and you can hear the anxiety and fear in his voice. Without thinking twice I hit the B-button on the Xbox One controller to throw myself on the ground. My character “hits the deck” as it is called, I see his hands breaking his fall and the muddy cobblestones zoom towards me. Trucks and jeeps drew deep tire…

The Comfort Zone of World War II

Call of Duty is going back to familiar grounds. This year’s game is made by Sledgehammer and will take us to the famous campaigns of the Second World War. Once I tried to impress my crush by telling about my fascination with the Second World War. It did not have the desired effect. “Ugh, what is it with all the men being obsessed with that war? There are so many other…

Black Pearls

It’s that time of the year again where critics stumble over each other to find a new perspective for their review of the newest Call of Duty title. As much as the developers must struggle to find ways to tweak and rejuvenate the familiar formula, I suppose it’s not much easier to think of ways to write about it in a way readers are teased once again to read it….