Review: The Meg

It takes old fashionedly long before The Meg shows its titular monster on screen. An unexpected throw-back to the days of Jaws, Jurassic Park and Alien. Movies used to build suspense by hinting but not showing, a trope also known as “nothing is scarier”. This is a mechanic that is used a lot less now; financial stakes are higher, movies compete with each other for the most media attention and…

Review: Pacific Rim Uprising

Are we actually moving away from the Age of Grumpy Old Men now? Or at least, Grumpy Old Men that take the lead in every damn action movie and videogame? Maybe it’s finally happening. That’s what I thought when watching Pacific Rim Uprising last week. Coincidentally I had also been playing Gears of War 4, which in turn has been compared to the new Star Wars movies in some reviews….

Review: Ghostbusters

Calling the new Ghostbusters movie “self aware” is putting it mildly. It’s a fun filled vessel of smack in the face contemporary relevance. Not that it attempts to be political or self righteous; that’s exactly what it doesn’t do. It carries a message without being overly smart or witty, it just is what it is: a lighthearted action comedy about four women hunting ghosts. It’s exactly what it was back…