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Review: Pacific Rim Uprising

Are we actually moving away from the Age of Grumpy Old Men now? Or at least, Grumpy Old Men that take the lead in every damn action movie and videogame? Maybe it’s finally happening. That’s what I thought when watching Pacific Rim Uprising last week. Coincidentally I had also been playing Gears of War 4, which in turn has been compared to the new Star Wars movies in some reviews….

Satire and Generation Exit

Satire is a fine and sophisticated craft of wit, perception and bravado. It’s about understanding the world around you and the skill of zooming in and reflecting on elements that resonate with your audience. It is, to put it less wordy and more metaphorically, more like a marksman carefully picking his targets rather than blasting a blunderbuss into a crowd of men. Satire is not the same as parody even…